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First Floor

Adjoining galleries displaying abstract paintings on the walls and an abstract sculpture in the foreground; a person is seated on a bench in the far gallery

James M. Kemper Gallery

The Kemper Gallery showcases permanent collection artworks including paintings, sculpture, video, and works on paper from the 1950s to today. Currently on view in one of the rooms is a selection of new acquisitions in contemporary art

A gallery view with two abstract paintings on a wall, flanking a head-size sculpture in a case

Garen Gallery

The Garen Gallery presents special exhibitions and special installations of the permanent collection. Currently on view is Slingshot: 2024 MFA in Visual Art Thesis Exhibition

Installation view of multi-sized sculptures on a low wood platform, with a dark rectangular painting on the far wall

Barney A. Ebsworth Gallery

The Ebsworth Gallery presents special exhibitions. Currently on view is Kahlil Robert Irving: Archaeology of the Present.

Second Floor

Installation view of a gallery: five paintings hanging on the walls, one of the walls being orange, and three standing display cases

Gertrude Bernoudy Gallery

The Bernoudy Gallery contains works from the permanent collection, presenting paintings, sculpture, and works on paper from the 19th to the mid-20th century. Currently on view are artworks by artists in exile during World War II and related documentation

Lower Level

A small gallery space with two large freestanding display cases and two smaller display cases mounted to walls, all containing vases and pottery fragments

Stair Gallery

The Stair Gallery facilitates public access to historical objects from the collection. Currently on view are ancient Greek vessels that offer a glimpse of the chronological, geographic, functional, and stylistic variety of ancient Greek painted pottery. 

A gallery space with fourteen small framed artworks on the walls; there is a bench in the middle of the room, and a person stands with their back to us looking at an artwork

Works on Paper Gallery

These two adjacent galleries feature prints, drawings, and photographs spanning six centuries from the Museum’s collection. Currently on view are works by Martín Chambi and Edward Sherrif Curtis and 19th- and early 20th-century travel photography. 

Installation view of a gallery: two artworks on the walls, two objects in a standing display case, and one standing sculpture

Teaching Gallery

The Teaching Gallery is dedicated to presenting works from the Museum’s collection with direct connections to Washington University courses. Currently on view is Tragic Depictions: Negative Emotions in the Visual Arts.

A black-box space with a black bench in the foreground and a black-and-white video on the far wall

Video Gallery

The Video Gallery is a permanent space devoted to time-based media. Currently on view is Space Mapping: Video Art Series.

Sculpture Garden

A semi-transparent circular structure stands the grass in front of a well-lit, glass-front building with the name "Weil" over the wooden door. Smaller sculptures are visible, including a standing bronze of a human figure to the far right, and a sculpture with a red triangular base and black wing-like appendages

Florence Steinberg Weil Sculpture Garden

Situated north of Weil Hall, along a primary pedestrian thoroughfare, the Sculpture Garden features works by such iconic sculptors as Auguste Rodin and Alexander Calder, as well as contemporary commissioned works by Dan Peterman and Dan Graham.