Teaching Gallery

The Teaching Gallery is an exhibition space in the Mildred Lane Kemper Art Museum dedicated to presenting works from the Museum’s collection with direct connections to Washington University courses. Teaching Gallery installations are intended to serve as parallel classrooms and can be used to supplement courses through object-based inquiry, research, and learning. Calls for proposals are typically sent out a year in advance (see below timeline), but instructors are encouraged to contact the Museum with proposal ideas.


Fall Installation

Submissions open: mid-February
Deadline to submit: mid-March
Notification: last week in March

Spring Installation

Submissions open: early August
Deadline to submit: early September
Notification: mid-September


Instructors are invited to attend an annual Lunch & Learn in February to learn more about the program and to view the gallery space.

For questions or to submit a proposal, please contact Dana Ostrander, assistant curator, at 314.935.5663 or danao@wustl.edu.


Elusive Form: Color in Space
January 19, 2023–April 9, 2023

Ambivalent Pleasures: Advertiser Content in American Art
August 29, 2022–January 2, 2023

(Un)masking Health: Counter Perspectives
January 19, 2022–July 25, 2022

Colonizing the Past: Constructing Race in Ancient Greece and Rome
August 30, 2021–December 27, 2021

The Autonomous Future of Mobility
November 2, 2020–March 12, 2021

Truths and Reckonings: The Art of Transformative Racial Justice
February 7, 2020–October 14, 2020

The New York Collection for Stockholm Portfolio
February 2, 2018–May 21, 2018

Reframing Feminism: Visualizing Women, Gender & Sexuality
September 8, 2017–January 8, 2018

(Re)Presenting Heroes, Defining Virtue
February 10, 2017–March 19, 2017

Battle of Ideal vs. Real: The Figure in Nineteenth-Century Art
May 6, 2016–July 31, 2016

Abodes of Plenty: American Art of the Inhabited Landscape
January 29, 2016–April 24, 2016

Relationships and Representation: Perspectives on Social Justice Work
September 11, 2015–January 4, 2016

Parallel Modes: Illustrated Visual Journalism and American Photography, 1955–1980
January 23, 2015–April 5, 2015

Picturing Narrative: Greek Mythology in the Visual Arts
September 12, 2014–January 4, 2015

Wanting Women: Expressions of Desire and Difference in Images of Women from the 15th Century to Today
January 31, 2014–April 14, 2014

September 20, 2013–January 6, 2014

Ugly: An Alternative Look at Western Art
June 5, 2013–August 4, 2013

Ways of Seeing the City
September 14, 2012–January 7, 2013

Art and the Mind-Brain
January 27, 2012–April 16, 2012

Performance and Performativity in Contemporary Art
August 19, 2011–January 15, 2012

Mythologized, Idealized, Modernized: The Human Figure in Western Art
May 13, 2011–July 18, 2011

Dada and Surrealism: Rethinking Reason
January 28, 2011–May 9, 2011

Studying the Art Object: Materials and Methods
August 20, 2010–January 10, 2011

Humor, Irony, and Satire: Strategies of Critique in Modern Art and Culture
May 21, 2010–July 18, 2010

American Indian Art and Iconography
February 5, 2010–May 17, 2010

The Political Eye: Nineteenth-Century French Caricature and the Mass Media
January 30, 2009–April 27, 2009

Serious Drinking: Vases of the Greek Symposium
August 22, 2008–January 5, 2009

The Cultural Life of Things
February 8, 2008–April 21, 2008

Container Narratives: Literary and Visual
February 9, 2007–April 29, 2007

Pressing Issues: The Social Agency of Prints
October 25, 2006–December 31, 2006