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Tomás Saraceno's Cosmic Filaments, a hanging sculptural installation composed of multi-paneled, iridescent modules amid a network of interlocking ropes, viewed from below

Welcome to the New Website

Welcome to the Kemper Art Museum’s new website. We are excited to launch a website with mobile-friendly design, an updated collection search, and a wealth of new information and resources. Explore new features that can help you learn more about the Museum, our collection, and how to stay engaged.

Collection Resources

One of the most exciting features of the website is the newly redesigned collection search. Visitors to the site can search using specific terms, including artist names and medium/technique, or more general keyword searches. Results can also be filtered to show collection highlights or works that are currently on view in our galleries. There is also the option to explore the collection through themes, which display a selection of artworks related to a wide variety of topics such as Abstraction, Gender and Sexuality, or Sustainability and Environment. 

This dynamic collection search showcases the depth and breadth of the Kemper Art Museum's collection and allows for both casual browsing and scholarly research. The collection search is accessible from the Collection landing page

Save Your Own Collection

The new website also enables visitors to customize their experience with the Museum’s collection by creating an account and saving artworks to a personal collection. To create an account, users can click the person icon in the upper-right corner of their screen and enter a username and password. 

Users can then save artworks to their personal collection from either the Collection search results page—by clicking the heart icon that appears when mousing over an artwork—or from individual artwork pages—by clicking the heart icon to the right of the artwork image.  


The ability to create personal collections enhances visitors’ experience with the Museum, from assisting educators in planning lessons, giving researchers the ability to curate collections of scholarly interest, and allowing casual users to personalize their experience and understanding of the Collection.  

Learning Resources

The new Learning Resources section of the website greatly expands our ability to provide educational content and resources to educators, students, and Museum visitors. The Learn section also provides information about how educators and students can schedule tours for their groups, visit the Museum's Study Room, and access educational resources. Through the Learn page, website users can view videos from the Museum's YouTube channel, activities that can be used in conjunction with Museum visits, and guided lessons on both single artworks and thematic groups. All learning resources can be sorted by grade level to help website visitors find appropriate resources. 

The new Learn page allows for both in-museum and virtual learning using the Museum's collection. Access these resources through the Learn landing page

Research Resources

In addition to artwork essays written by Museum staff, educators, and graduate students that were previously available online, the new Research section offers additional resources, including documents relating to the Museum's founding and history, information about our provenance research and conservation efforts, and pages highlighting other campus resources such as the University Libraries and the Island Press. In the future, we will also be adding a section for research conducted by students at WashU. 

The new Research section allows visitors to the website to learn more than ever before about the Museum's history and the research materials available through the Museum and the University. Explore these resources on the Research landing page


This website is still in development, and visitors may encounter incomplete pages, bugs, or other issues. If you would like to leave feedback on the website, we welcome you to fill out this survey. Thank you for your patience as we continue this ongoing project.