Study room

Visitors enjoying a close examination of selected works on paper from the collection in the study room.

The Kemper Art Museum's Art Study Room (Kemper 104) is available by appointment for faculty, researchers, students, and the general public to view individual artworks that are not currently installed in our galleries. Please email your request to the Associate Registrar, Kim Broker ( at least two weeks prior to your desired visit date.

Note that the Study Room will be unavailable during exhibition installation periods, and certain artworks may be unavailable due to condition, safety, or security issues.


The only items allowed in the Art Study Room are pencils and paper.
The following items are NOT allowed in the Study Room:

  • Backpacks, book bags, and purses
  • Food and drinks
  • Hats, sunglasses, and coats
  • Pens

A maximum of 8-12 artworks can be displayed in the Study Room per visit, depending upon the size and condition of each object. You are welcome to return several times to allow viewing of additional artwork, if necessary.

Class visits

We recommend that faculty reserve the Art Study Room as early in the semester as possible, so the class date that works best for you is still available. If you would like to view artworks privately before bringing your class, you may make an appointment in the same way.

The faculty member MUST be present during the students' visit. If the instructor would like a museum staff person to be available for questions or to provide additional information, please make this request at the time of your reservation.

No more than sixteen students will be allowed to view artwork in the Art Study Room at any single time. In cases of larger classes, we can arrange for the students to rotate through the room in small groups.


It is strongly advised to make an appointment in the Art Study Room prior to making your travel arrangements. If you would like to see the object file as well, please let us know when you make your appointment. Copies can be made for a nominal charge.