The Museum works with students and educators to encourage connections between art and other academic disciplines—from art history to social work, graphic design, medicine, neuroscience, literature, and local history—and engage in lively discussions centered on artworks from the Museum’s permanent collection.

These thematic lists, which contain only a small sampling of the Museum’s nearly 8,700 artworks, are designed to help students and educators begin to discover the variety of artworks in the Museum’s permanent collection. 

Art and artifacts by Indigenous North American peoples
Art as a platform for conversation
Artworks by African artists
Artworks by Black / African American artists
Artworks by Chinese and Japanese artists
Artworks by Indigenous North American artists (20th century)
Artworks by Latin American / Latinx artists
Civil rights, politics, and war
Exile artists
Greek mythology
Sexuality and gender
STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math)

Please note that these thematic lists do not include every artwork that reflects the theme. To find out more, request your own thematic list, or discuss how to fit a themed tour in to your classroom plans, contact Meredith Lehman, head of museum education, at

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