Workshop: Tif Sigfrids

March 16, 2009
Tif Sigfrids
Steinberg Auditorium

People and events-happenings-have been the medium and the product of movements such as the Situationist International and Fluxus. These genres emphasizing inter-relational experiences have evolved to serve different purposes and assume many names. By tracing a lineage from the initial happenings of the late 50s and 60s, contemporary artists like Francis Alys, Roman Ondak, and Tif Sigfrids address the notion of establishing temporary communities based on the simple idea of shared experiences.

The workshop, titled Participation as Practice/Experience as Community, will address the following topics:

What methods have artists and curators employed to identify and activate public spaces in contemporary cities?
How has work that might fall into the category of "public art" helped to define community, and is there a newer way to conceive of ideas of art and community?
How can we analyze the impact and effectiveness of artistic engagements and interventions in social spaces?

In conjunction with this workshop, MFA student Ryan Fabel will work with Tif Sigfrid to present a performance in the Lewis Center parking lot at 6p, Saturday, March 21.