Chinese-Language Tour: Sculpture Garden

October 23, 2022
2 pm
Florence Steinberg Weil Sculpture Garden (weather permitting)

Join student educator Yue Dai, PhD student in the Department of Art History & Archaeology in Arts & Sciences, for a tour featuring iconic artworks in the Museum’s Florence Steinberg Weil Sculpture Garden. Step outside the Museum building and view art in the open air, including works in bronze by Auguste Rodin and Pierre-Auguste Renoir, kinetic sculpture by Alexander Calder, and recent works by Dan Graham and Chakaia Booker. The Sculpture Garden integrates the Museum’s prominent collection into the expanded green space of the East End, creating a network of art, nature, and people. We will reflect together on the dynamics between public art and the environment and their roles on campus.

Free and open to the public.

中文美术导览:华大雕塑园户外导览 欢迎与艺术史暨考古学系博士生戴悦一起探索美术馆附近 Florence Steinberg Weil 雕塑园中的经典艺术作品。在本次导览中,我们将走出美术馆大楼,在露天环境中欣赏各类现代雕塑,包括知名艺术家罗丹和雷诺阿的青铜雕塑、考尔德的动态雕塑和格雷厄姆的建筑雕塑。雕塑园将美术馆的雕塑收藏与校园东部的绿地结合在一起,让艺术品、环境和参观者三个要素之间产生互动,从而令我们反思公共艺术与自然环境的关系,以及它们在华大校园生活中所扮演的角色。


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Florence Steinberg Weil Sculpture Garden. Photo by Joshua White /