Thinking the Museum: Why Is Curating So Hip Today?

November 10, 2015
Saligman Family Atrium

To curate, from the Latin curare, means to attend to something and to take responsibility for it—for artworks, for exhibitions, and for the interpretive framework employed in presenting them. In recent years, however, the word “curate” has grown in popularity. Today we curate our clothes, our jewelry, and even our friends. This panel will investigate the currency of curating by considering its social significance. It will also engender discussion about conventional and experimental forms of curatorial practice as they pertain to art museums and alternative contemporary art spaces.

Sabine Eckmann, William T. Kemper Director and Chief Curator, Kemper Art Museum
Marie Heilich, assistant director, White Flag Projects
Judith Mann, Curator of European Art to 1800, Saint Louis Art Museum
Jennifer Padgett, PhD candidate, Department of Art History & Archaeology in Arts & Sciences

Meredith Malone, associate curator, Kemper Art Museum