JR Productions

Member Virtual Workshop: Sketch Your Senses

May 4, 2020
5 pm

Mindfully explore data that you experience through your senses: data you see, data you feel, and data you hear. While we are all currently surrounded by facts and figures about the coronavirus pandemic, artist Ellie Balk will show how data inform her work and will explore the different stories data can tell through sketching. Consider information such as the population of your neighborhood, the colors of the sky throughout the day, or even your changing moods. You will leave the workshop with a toolbox of skills that will help you better understand how to visualize data creatively and be more aware of both the ways you process information and your own context. No art skills required!

Participation is free, but registration is required. Sheets of blank paper and colored pencils/crayons/paints are the only materials you will need.


About the artist

Ellie Balk is an artist and educator who specializes in creating artworks based on data and mathematical concepts. Her public art projects may be found in New York, Thailand, Senegal, Argentina, and locally in St. Louis. For more information, visit