Unknown (Native North American, Mississippian, Missouri), Repoussé Plaque, c. 1200-1400.

Spotlight Series: Wulfing Repousse Plaques

March 17, 2010
5:00 pm
Kemper Art Museum

Speaker: Matthew H. Robb, assistant curator of Ancient American & Native American Art, Saint Louis Art Museum
Subject: Wulfing Repoussé Plaques

Gallery talks at the Kemper Art Museum—led by a curator, educator, faculty member, or graduate student—provide deeper analysis and exploration of a selected work or artist from the Museum's permanent collection or current special exhibition. The talks give visitors the opportunity to learn about, look closely at, and engage in meaningful discussions about current and historical issues relating to the visual arts. Talks focusing on objects in the permanent collection are part of the Museum's Spotlight series, which includes in-depth scholarly essays available online.