December 7, 2011
Tivoli Theatre (6350 Delmar)

Playtime (1967, Jacques Tati) presents a farcical vision of Paris in the near future, with over-designed, modernistic skyscrapers and housing projects. Tati plays Monsieur Hulot, a Parisian who's befuddled by the influences of modern architecture and modern technology on his city, which has grown increasingly crowded with tourists. As Hulot roams the uncomfortably modern Paris, he gets easily lost in an abundance of similar circulation spaces and glass-enclosed waiting rooms. This comedic film reflects a general disenchantment with the results of the modern movement that began in the 1950s and 1960s.

Cities of the Future Film Series

This film series presents free screenings of three iconic films that offer distinct visions of space, both social and architectural, and the shape of everyday life in a dramatically altered future. Each film will be introduced by a faculty member from the Department of Film and Media Studies. This series is presented in conjunction with the Tomás Saraceno: Cloud-Specific exhibition.