Still from Andy Warhol, image courtesy Michael Blackwood Productions, Inc.

Andy Warhol Documentary

June 10, 2010
6 pm
Steinberg Auditorium


Directed by Lana Jokel, produced by Michael Blackwood
1972, 53 min.

Lana Jokel's 1972 documentary addresses Andy Warhol's career through interviews of friends, critics, and colleagues as well as Warhol himself. Made before Warhol's untimely death in 1987, the film offers contemporary footage of Warhol at the Factory as well as more casual scenes of Warhol in the country and playing with a dog in a garden. The rambling, non-narrative style of the film recalls Warhol's own approach to filmmaking and includes a number of clips from a variety of his films, including a sequence from Lonesome Cowboys, in which two wranglers practice ballet exercises.

Andy Warhol, created close to the time that the photographs on display in the exhibition Focus on Photography were taken, provides a unique glimpse into Warhol's life, as well as the private lives of many of the people depicted in his photographs.