#Humanity Video Project

November 14, 2019
2–4 pm
Museum lobby

My conclusion is we are one humanity. If anyone is being hurt, we are all being hurt. If anyone has joy, that's our joy.
--Ai Weiwei

As part of programming for Ai Weiwei: Bare Life, the Kemper Art Museum invites visitors to lend their voices to a collective performance project about the tens of millions people displaced by war, famine, and climate crises. On Thursday afternoons and select Saturday afternoons, Museum guests have the opportunity to be recorded reading quotes from Ai Weiwei's book Humanity in the galleries. These messages are collected and presented publicly in a video compilation that is updated regularly. Experience the video in person in the Museum's lobby, and make your own recording to add your voice to this important conversation about the global refugee crisis.

Visit our Instagram feed at @kemperartmuseum, where select recordings are also highlighted.