Wallace Herndon Smith Distinguished Visiting Faculty Lecture: Andrea Moon

April 9, 2021
4p Central

Andrea Moon, the 2020-21 Wallace Herndon Smith Distinguished Visiting Lecturer, will deliver a lecture about her work titled Constructing Layers. The online lecture is free and open the public; to register to attend, please contact Melissa Meinzer at

Moon grew up in Northwest Ohio and attended college at Bowling Green State University, earning her BFA in 3-Dimensional Studies. In 2009 she completed her MFA in Ceramics and a secondary in Sculpture at Texas Tech University. Among teaching ceramics at various institutions, Moon exhibits nationally and internationally, and participates in lectures and presents workshops actively. She served as the residency and communications coordinator of The Red Lodge Clay Center and the director of the International Artist Residency at The Pottery Workshop in Jingdezhen, China. She believes in supporting an active Arts community and cultivating a creative environment for students and emerging artists. Presently, she is the director of education at Craft Alliance and the 2020-21 Wallace Herndon Smith Distinguished Visiting Lecturer at Washington University in St. Louis.