Artwork Detail

Abandoned farmhouse near Molteno, Eastern Cape
25 February 2006
South African, 1930–2018
Digital print on 100 percent rag cotton paper in pigment inks
36 x 44 "
University purchase, Yalem Fund, 2006
WU 2006.0005
Long known for his small-scale black-and-white photography critically documenting the political complexities of South Africa, artist David Goldblatt turned in the 1990s to large-format color photography. Abandoned farmhouse near Molteno, Eastern Cape depicts a white farmhouse in disrepair a short distance from a humble brown hut, both dwarfed by an inhospitable expanse of land. Although the relationship between the two adjoining properties is unclear—was the hut home to laborers who worked the farm, once owned by the inhabitants of the larger house?—their juxtaposition against the landscape suggests that racial inequities and economic hardships lie beneath this seemingly tranquil scene. [Permanent collection label, 2016]