Artwork Detail

Luxembourgian, 1967–2002
Acrylic on canvas
119 1/16 x 134 1/16 "
University purchase, Parsons Fund, 2003
WU 2003.0014
Michel Majerus embodied the sensibilities of 1990s Berlin perhaps more than any other artist. His large-scale paintings, videos, and expansive installations embrace the dawning of the digital age as it is expressed in techno culture, video games, and digital imaging. Referencing the language of popular culture and advertising, he updated 1960s Pop for the post–Berlin Wall era. "mm6" exemplifies this, drawing on the visual instability of stroboscopic light and lasershows associated with the culture of electronic music with its raves lasting days on end. Even as "mm6"—made with acrylic paint on canvas—arrests the fluidity of digital imagery, it nonetheless translates some digital effects into the painting. Part of the intensely colored letters forming his name, for example, are bleached out as if by flashing lights and, like a stroboscope, abstract color fields of white, pink, and blue simultaneously reveal and conceal what is to be seen. The work thus poses the broader question of how to conceive of the image—and of image-making—in the digital age. [Exhibition brochure text, 2013]