Artwork Detail

German, b. Prague, 1944
Color photograph and mirror
74 3/4 x 49 1/4 " (each)
University purchase, Art Acquisition Fund, 2002
WU 2002.0006 a-b
A recurring topic within Katharina Sieverding’s photographic oeuvre is herself. Since the late 1960s she has taken her own face as a point of departure. Maton is comprised of two parts. The right side of the diptych shows a flattened and enlarged photograph of the artist’s face that is so heavily made-up it appears androgynous, while the left side consists of a mirror. The initial photograph was taken in a commercial Photomat machine. Sieverding then reshot the image using a camera that eliminated the gray tones before photographing it yet again with color film. Sieverding’s self-portraits do not exist as unique “original” images but in the form of a series—a form that destroys the image’s aura of singularity. The mirror further affects the seriality of the work by multiplying the viewer’s image and integrating it into the visual aesthetic of the work. [Permanent collection label, 2016]