Artwork Detail

Llanganuco Falls
German, b. 1964
Oil on wood
117 1/4 x 153 1/2 " (overall)
University purchase with funds from the David Woods Kemper Memorial Foundation, 2011
WU 2011.0005 a-b
Corinne Wasmuht’s elaborate large-scale paintings combine seemingly contradictory elements. Based on an extremely slow process of artistic production, their effect is one of rapid visual overflow. To create them the artist digitally composes a collage of images she selects from her extensive visual archive. She then projects the composition onto a wooden surface and paints it, using a methodical process of layering that arrests the fleeting digital image. The imagery in Llanganuco Falls loosely references one of the most spectacular natural areas in Peru, Huascarán National Park, replete with mountains, lakes, waterfalls, and lagoons (one named Llanganuco). The waterfalls cascading down (and up) the painting feed into each other and form basins that serve as mirrors for ever more streams of flowing water, complicating and ultimately disabling spatial orientation; with multiple perspectives on the same or different views, these falls could just as well be anywhere. Figurative yet abstract, grounded in reality yet fictional, the grand scale, luminous colors, and visual complexity of this work draw the viewer into a pictorial space of both contemplation and overstimulation. [Permanent collection label, 2016]