Artwork Detail

Canadian, b. 1958
24 x 20 "
University purchase with funds from Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Grodsky, by exchange, 2010
WU 2010.0011.0003
With a focus on everyday items, including objects that are often overlooked, Moyra Davey’s photographs evoke the cyclical and durational experience of our daily existence—that which is simultaneously known and unknown, seemingly universal in its banality yet intensely personal. These four works are part of a series of images taken by Davey in her apartment, a subject to which the artist has frequently returned. Dust on the floor, an analog receiver on a shelf, an old stereo speaker on a table, two bare lightbulbs—the images of objects populating her own domestic interior depict the surfaces and subtle qualities of inhabited space experienced over time. Working on a relatively small scale, Davey uses traditional analog photography and prints her images herself, embracing seemingly outmoded means of representation and reproduction and devoting her attention to the antimonumental mutability of the private realm. [Permanent collection label, 2017]