K–12 educators

While the physical museum is closed to the public due to COVID-19, the education department is offering virtual gallery lessons for K–12 students that promote arts integration across the curriculum and encourage students to use visual literacy and critical thinking skills to construct interpretations about artworks.

Bring art to your students through interactive programs with museum educators designed to accommodate synchronous or asynchronous classes.

StoryMap Online Lessons

StoryMap online lessons guide students through an exploration of 2–3 artworks, using image, text, audio, and video. StoryMaps are designed to help students make curricular connections at their own pace. 

View the first StoryMap lesson that connects science, technology, engineering, art, and math, Full STEAM Ahead!

Live Zoom Tours

Live Zoom tours led by museum educators introduce your class to 5–6 artworks using high-resolution images. Through close looking, inquiry-based conversations, and meaningful activities that support different learning styles, we invite students to be curious, active learners and to draw connections between art, the classroom, and their lives.

Browse tour themes below and schedule a live Zoom tour for your class by emailing mendelson.olivia@wustl.edu.

K–12 Tours

Art Basics | grades K–2
An introduction to art elements (including color, shape, line, texture, and space) for younger students.
Missouri grade level expectations: VA: II.1.A–B, D–E, II.2.D; III.1.A; III.2.A; IV.2.A; V.1.B

Faces and Places | grades 2–8
An exploration of the deeper meanings of portraits and landscapes. Students will see and describe how artists represent people and places both past and present.
Missouri grade level expectations: VA: III.1.A; III.2.A; IV.2.A; V.1.B

Narratives in Art | grades 4–12
A discussion of how artists tell stories with images. Students will practice putting their interpretations into words through group discussion and through creative and descriptive writing.
Missouri grade level expectations: VA: III.1.A; III.2.A; IV.2.A; V.1.B | CA: Writing 1.A, 2.A–D, 3.A

Materials, Media, and Methods | grades 4–12
An exploration of the relationship between an artist’s subject matter and materials. Students will learn about a variety of artistic materials and methods—both traditional and unusual—in sculpture, painting, photography, and prints.
Missouri grade level expectations: VA: II.1.A–B, D–G, II.2.C; II.2.E; III.2.A; V.1.B

STEAM | all grade levels
An exploration of the ways science, technology, engineering, and math are related to art. Students will learn both art and STEM concepts through an arts integrated approach. Download an outline of the STEAM Tour.
Missouri grade level expectations: VA: II.2.A; III.2.A; IV.2.A | Science & Mathematics: applicable GLEs depend on the level of the students

Additional Resources

Educator Guides

The Museum also offers Educator Guides containing teacher-friendly information about the Museum's exhibitions and artworks, including discussion questions, activities, artist biographies, vocabulary lists, and more.

Educator E-news

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Big Yellow School Bus Grant

Missouri Arts Council's Big Yellow School Bus grant typically covers up to $300 of transportation expenses for student field trips to the Kemper when we are open to the public. Click here to learn more about the guidelines. To find out if your school is eligible, contact Julie Hale at Julie.Hale@LtGov.mo.gov or 314.495.9104.