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K–12 Class Visits

Museum tours incorporate close looking, inquiry-based conversations, and multi-modal activities that support different learning styles and invite students to be curious, active learners, drawing connections among art, the classroom, and their lives. Museum admission and all tours are free of charge. Tours are offered in person at the Museum or online through video conferencing platforms, dependent on educator availability. Please request a tour at least two weeks before your desired tour date. Museum hours are Monday, Wednesday–Sunday, 11 am–5 pm (closed Tuesdays). Tours outside of normal Museum hours may be possible based on staff availability.

Browse tour themes below and schedule a tour for your class using this form. Contact Olivia Mendelson, assistant educator, at mendelson.olivia@wustl.edu with any questions.

K–12 Tours

Art Explorers | Grades K–12
Become an art explorer across space and time! This flexible program offers an introduction to the Museum and its collections for students of all ages and can be tailored to make connections between works of art and different curricular concepts or themes, such as the elements of art and the beauty of the everyday. Students are encouraged to follow their interests and curiosity as they confidently explore the world of art through close looking and hands-on activities.

Missouri Learning Standards
Visual Arts: Pr6A, Re7A-B, Re8A | Math: NS.B, GM.A, GM.C | ELA (3-5): R.1.A-C

Narratives in Art | Grades 3–12
Explore how artists tell stories with images. Students strengthen the key literacy skills of reading, writing, speaking, and listening and build vocabulary by putting their interpretations of artworks into words through writing prompts, interactive activities, and group discussion.

Missouri Learning Standards
Visual Arts: Re7A-B, Re8A | ELA (3-5): R.1.A-C, W.2.C, SL.1.A, SL.3.A | ELA (6-12): RL.1.A-C, RL.2.B, RL.3.A-C, W.2.A, SL.1.A-C

Art & SEL | Grades 3–12
Engaging with art offers a myriad of ways to build Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) competencies, including self- and social awareness and relationship skills. Students will identify and express their own thoughts, emotions, and values and will consider multiple perspectives while interpreting works of art that evoke empathy and respect for oneself and for others. Reflective writing, group discussion, art-making, and kinesthetic activities support multiple learning styles.

Missouri Learning Standards
Visual Arts: Cr1A, Re7A-B, Cn10A | Personal and Social Development: PS1.A.a, PS1.C.a, PS2.A.a, PS2.B.a, PS3.C.a

STE(A)M | Grades 3–12
Discover intersections between art and science, technology, engineering, and math. Students will encounter a variety of artistic materials and methods, consider the similarities between how artists and engineers approach problems of creative design, and learn about how artists across cultures and time periods have incorporated mathematic and scientific principles into their artmaking.

Missouri Learning Standards
Visual Arts: Cr1A, Cr2A, Cn10A | Science: ETS1.A-B | Math (3-8): GM.A-B

Art & Social Change | Grades 6–12

Explore how artists call attention to social, political, and cultural issues, disrupt the status quo, and advocate for change. Students consider how art connects to their own lives and to issues of personal and social importance, while critically engaging with history, cultivating understanding of social responsibility, and orienting towards social justice.

Missouri Learning Standards
Visual Arts: Re7A-B, Re8A, Cn11A | Social Studies: WH.1.CC.B, WH.1.PC.A-B, WH.5.PC.C, AH.1.CC.B, AH.1.PC.A-B, AH.5.PC.A, AH.6.PC.A, G.4.CC.C

K–12 Learning Collection

These interactive digital resources guide students through multimedia explorations of artworks and are designed to help students make curricular connections at their own pace. 

Art & Storytelling
Grades 5–8
Learn about Shirin Neshat, a contemporary artist who collaborates with others to tell stories through the combination of photography and poetry.

Art & Activism
Grades 5–8
Learn about the role of art in protest by taking a close look at a work of art by the contemporary artist Annette Lemieux.

Symbols in Art & Math
Grades 4–6
Explore the role of symbols in both art and math by taking a close look at a painting by Alfred Jensen, an artist fascinated by the meaningful patterns found in number systems.

Art & Scientific Method
Grades 3–5
Consider connections between art-making and the sceintific method while learning about Josef Albers, an artist who studied the interaction of color.

Additional Resources

Educator Guides

The Museum also offers Educator Guides containing teacher-friendly information about the Museum's exhibitions and artworks, including discussion questions, activities, artist biographies, vocabulary lists, and more.

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Big Yellow School Bus Grant

Missouri Arts Council's Big Yellow School Bus Grant can cover up to $500 of transportation costs for PK–12 school field trips to the Museum. Learn more here >>